A Man's Dilemma!

Ibom was at the end of his tether, he looked deep into the dregs of his palm wine but the answers were not forthcoming. The seasons had been very unkind to him, as Masquerade was not in season, he had to survive on his palm wine tapping business, due to his frustration he had drank more wine than he had sold ( he said that he drank to change "the woman's" face, because the gods were unkind!, and because palm wine was sweet, even sweeter than "talking"!, the villagers complained about the taste of his wine! they accused him of diluting it, they always said that there was too much water in his wine!.
This had caused many fights in the village square as was the tradition when someone wronged or slighted you, you would take the case before Edidem the King, The Nntekim the First of Atakpot a man both wise and fair, the men relished the opportunity of showing off their fighting prowess and did not want anybody referring to them as "women".
It was true what they said but Ibom would never agree and used any opportunity to show off muscles he had developed from years of climbing palm trees, he knew how to tap their sweet wine (which he would dilute before selling) he loved to "perform" to the nubile maidens in the village. People said that, "his head was on fire" he always laughed secretly at this because he only fought to attract maidens.

He lived for Palm wine and maidens in that order.

For a fleeting second the "woman in the house" crossed his mind, he cursed himself and the gods for not giving him guidance, after all is that not the reason why he gave sacrifices to them? What was the point in forfeiting a perfectly good piece of yam and succulent  fowls when they cannot even give him good advice on the kind of woman to "put in the house", they made him end up with that "woman in the house" he cursed them again for deceiving him, making him "talk" to her in the night when palm wine had changed the face of her beauty! He also cursed "the woman" for getting pregnant after his short "talk", truth be told he could not even remember "their talk" and would not allow himself stay sober enough so he would not have to "talk" to her again.

He stared again into the dregs of his palm wine thinking of how he would start a fight so that maidens would come and touch his muscles, he liked that, he had something in his loincloth for them! if they were not careful with him, he would show them! He had already decided which one of them he would "talk to" and this time he would make sure that his eyes were clear, he would not drink any palm wine when the time came, so as not to make mistakes! He already knew that palm wine had a way of changing people's faces and their beauty. He could not take the risk of waking up with a masquerade!

Tomorrow was going to be a good day! He jumped up from his seat and thanked Abasi Ibom the greatest God of all, the one who his father had named him after! what a good man his father! if the gods advised him well he would win his prize soon, and if he won his prized maiden, he would give the gods "good sacrifices", whatever they desired, even though secretly he wondered how invisible beings ate and drank, with this thought he went inside to fetch his gourd and walked purposely through the village towards his favourite palm tree, the one who's wine was the sweetest of them all!.

I hope you liked my story, Abasi Ibom means Almighty God in my language.


  1. i love ur blog, d stories n d african way of portraying it is jus too unique. rich culture. sopsy loves. lookin forward to more.

  2. Sopysybugsy thanks for the lovely comment, sometimes when I'm writing I wonder if my non African readers will "get it" I'm glad u said that u like it cause it's the only way to potray the African vibe. There will definitelt be more soon ; )


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