Do U Want ME (Marketing Experience)?

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This is not me trying to outdo the guy who put himself on eBay by putting myself on Technorati, albeit I did slap myself mentally for not thinking of that myself.

ME is an acronym for Marketing Experience and MME stands for Marketing Made Easy (both made up by me).
If you are a small business owner, blogger affiliate marketer, budding singer and/or songwriter, actor, novelist or have a skill, product/service that you need to advertise and do not have a large budget or any money for that matter these are the means by which you can advertise yourself/brand/product in order to gain exposure.

I repeat that these methods are really for those effecting their own marketing strategy. If you have "a marketing guy/girl" this may not apply to you, unless the person implementing your marketing communications is not using these marketing techniques in your marketing planning. In that case feel free to use any of these techniques.

If you run a business either in "real time" i.e have a physical structure or online set up a Facebook page for your business on Facebook, it's FREE!.

Whilst Facebook is well known as a place where people "like" and share their thoughts and activities it's also a powerful marketplace for those that know how to use the service.

The essence of creating a fanpage for your business is that you can tap into the large audience of users that are on Facebook.

Once you've created your page target people who are specifically interested in your product/service by placing a Facebook advert, specify the parameters of your advert and determine your daily spend. Determine whether you want to pay by CTR (Click Through Rate) or CPC (Cost per Click) if you're daunted and confused by this contact Facebook for assistance. In addition you only have to pay for adverts if you can afford to, otherwise garner followers by connecting your facebook page to your twitter feed which will alert people to the products/services and new activity on your Facebook page.

This leads on to Twitter marketing. Getting new customers and gaining targeted customers through Twitter.
Twitter is a great easy marketing tool, ME ME ME, it's an example of relationship marketing. People follow because they share common interest, this being the case it's easy to make an offer based on these shared interests. Followers either click on your posted links or not as the case may be.
Affiliate marketers love Twitter because of the amount of "warm leads" they gain from this forum and it's absolutely FOC (Free of Charge)

If you have any sort of budget you can invest in automated tweeting software like Tweetadder, depending on what your demands are and how far you want to extend your reach which should be as far as possible! as in global. Newbies on a small scale with no money put your RSS feed from your website on Twitter via Twitterfeed and it will automate your posts for you. You can set up as many feeds as you like.

Youtube marketing is a strategy that has really blown up over the last few years. Everyone knows that you can become a Youtube sensation overnight if enough people find your video post interesting/appealing/funny/quirky etc, we've all seen the Baby dancing Merenge in diapers and laterly the baby that laughed/cackled hysterically as his father an out of work professor tore up his rejection letters! Serious marketers are embedding adverts within their videos (you may have seen this) others are presenting their products and services via their video posts. The choice of how you do it is up to you, just make sure that your video is engaging enough to attract viewers and tap into that massive audience.


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