Can You Keep A Secret?

Or are you competing with the BBC when it comes to sharing and passing on information. If someone tells you something in confidence do you immediately wonder who you can share this secret with of will you be taking all the secrets you have been told to the grave, maybe you feel that the passage of time affects whether or not a confidence told can be revealed or perhaps if the person who confided in you is no longer alive would you be tempted to reveal all. Just curious!

A very clever person told me long ago that a soon as you share "a secret" with someone else it's no longer "a secret", bearing this in mind it means that as soon as "the info" has left your lips, it's in the public domain, the consequences of which might possibly cause a Domino effect!. Some people might feel that if they tell their other half it doesn't really count as a betrayal of trust because it's their other half hmmmmmmmmm? what happens if they tell others and the others tell others? the information/secret has already gone viral and with each new telling the content of the information is changing.

Whatever the case I like to hear a good secret as much as the next person and I've got one to share!
There's a very very famous person that comes to London every month for colonics, but please don't tell anyone because it's a secret!


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