Are you scared?

Is fear of something crippling you and/or preventing you from doing what you really want?
We all have fears and it is one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome in life!

Some of the most common fears are the fear of flying, some people say that if God wanted us to fly he would have given us wings!, another common fear is the fear of dying, please let's not even go there! I know that death is the road that we must all travel eventually but truthfully I don't even want to think about it and this is the same for most people I believe!. These are the two most common fears that exist, some other bizzare and strange fears are the fear of  beards (what's that all about?), open spaces, long words just to name a few, some people are even afraid of other people.

I have my fears just like everyone else, when I was a kid I was afraid of the dark, a popular fear amongst kids, we would frighten ourselves with scary stories and then go to bed only to find that sleep eluded us and that all of the shadows turned in to monsters and everything that you can imagine. I remember going to visit my Auntie and watching the Excorcist, I was so crippled with fear that I couldn't walk to my room on my own after the film ended and to this very day have not attempted to or even entertained the idea of watching any horror film. I just don't see the point of scaring myself to death, there are better ways to leave this earth than death by horror film! Anyway I digress.

Another fear of mine is the fear of heights, I don't know when I developed the fear of hights and I know for a fact that I climbed trees as a child, maybe they weren't that far from the ground. The fact of the matter is that all fear is psychological, a thing of the mind, if we can get over the mental block we can overcome it, we are not born with any fears but as we grow older and develop as adults different fears become ingrained in our psyche and then the real work begins when we strive to overcome our fears!

On that note my biggest fear is the fear of failure, another popular one, sometimes we are soo afraid that we are going to fail at something that we don't even begin, we manage to talk ourselves into not doing that thing because ........ you fill in the gaps, it easy to find reasons not to do something, I've been there before and I know that this is a wall that has to be broken down. The only limitations to what we can achieve are the ones that we place on ourselves and Failure is just not an option.

This is what I believe and I'm pushing myself to climb that wall! the one with FEAR written on it! I hope you do the same!

Are there things that you are afraid of that are keeping you from achieving your innermost desires and at what point in your life did you begin to feel this way? Do you agree that fear is behaviour that we learn as we grow older and not something that we are born with?

9ja girl for Life!


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