Where's my Valentine?

This is a question that I used to ask myself a lot, in fact I spent more Valentines days than I care to remember on my own regardless of the fact that I was in a "relationship" at the time. I put that in brackets because with hindsight I was in it all by me myself and I!

So this post is not so much about those folks that have someone, if you do have someone have a cracking time, I will, pop champagne whatever, have a ball, but this one if for those that have not yet found that special someone.

Valentines day is about love, in addition to remembering your spouse, significant other you've got your friends and family, back in the day when I felt like a spare tyre on Valentines day my family came through for me buying me little gifts and calling me up to lift my spirit, for many years I actually dreaded Valentines day because I knew what to expect and there's just no getting away from the celebrations cause your boyfriend is not up to scratch = a rat.

If you're single find a way to mingle, gather other single friends and have a Valentines party!

And for the one that taught me some HARD lessons about love here's a little ditty I wrote just for YOU!

There once was a Bad Boy from 9ja
419 Apprentice and Fraudster
He did fiddle D Swindle
Til his money did Dwindle
Then he'd call and say Baby How far?

There once was a Bad Boy from 9ja
419 Apprentice and Fraudster
When he'd been the Queen
And folks asked, where u been
He'd say, I been dey for Naija!

There once was a Bad Boy from 9ja
419 Apprentice Fake gangster
When u got in his Ka
He'd say baby how far?
Can u buy me some fuel for d Ka!

Dat's All for Now! Enjoy Valentines Day!

All rights reserved © 9javatar 2011

What would you do if you were going out with a fraudster? would you just enjoy the ride or would you report the person to the authorities? or would you just go your own way and leave them to their devices?


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