What is Respect?

What is the meaning of respect and how does respect or the lack of it impact our lives? Do we deserve respect or is it something that we have to work for. These are questions which I continually ask myself because of the things that I see and hear everyday!

Respect is:

1. esteem: a feeling or attitude of admiration and deference towards somebody or something
    Example: He has no respect for authority.
2. state of being admired: the state of being admired deferentially
    E.g: To be respected by your peers
3. thoughtfulness: consideration or thoughtfulness
    E.g: respect for others
4. characteristic: an individual characteristic or point
    E.g: satisfactory in every respect

As a Nigerian I was brought up to have respect for my elders, we have a popular saying that "we respect grey hair" as an adult I wouldn't disrespect anybody until they dis-respected me first, then it was any man's country, but the fact of the matter is that in society today Respect is not reciprocal.

Years ago I worked in an IT company where if you didn't lock your screen when you went to lunch people would go through your emails hmmmmmmmmmmm, can you imagine that!

I obviously didn't know that this was happening until one day when I decided not to go for lunch (have it @ my desk, waste of time!) and I witnessed the group of merry mischief makers going through their so-called friends inbox! What they where looking for I don't know, maybe dirty emails or mail slagging other people off. Whatever the case property is 9, tenths of the law and reading another persons email without their permission is downright illegal and a dismissable offence if you get caught! by the time I witnessed this I was already planning my next work move anyway, I'd been there for over six months and I was already getting itchy feet, I suffer from a restless spirit, get bored easily and need to be constantly challenged all the high jinx was getting on my nerves and they weren't paying people their commission on sales! Thieves! They definitely had no respect for their staff or employment law and my colleagues well what do you think.......?

Most people respect money and/or people who know how to make money, I definitely respect anyone with that gift, others respect people who are famous or gifted in their particular field.

I love High Achievers and have a lot of respect for them, more than anything else I love people who are innovators, forerunners and trailblazers. One of those people is Derenle Edun who is currently the most outrageously dressed and eccentric red carpet presenter in Nigeria. Whilst Derenle is not the first punk that Nigeria has had, for those who don't know Charlie Boy was the first bona fide Nigerian punk, Derenle has however pushed the envelope and carved a successful niche/career for himself!

Whilst people may question his antics, character, sexuality and even his sanity he can take pride in that fact that he is one of a kind! A rare gem, no carbon copy! and that's what I applaud! Respect Boy!

I also have a tremedous amount of respect for people who live their lives exactly how they want to without fear nor favour.

On that note have a little respect for others regardless of how you see them, if you're dissing/saying something neagtive about someone in your language be aware of the fact that they might just understand what you are saying!

True Story

A man entered a lift with two women already in it in Lagos, they dissed everything about him in their language starting from his head to his worn out shoes, he kept quiet and didn't say a word, when they got to the ground floor and were ready to come off he said "have a nice day ladies" In the Same language! Needless to say they were shame faced knowing that he had heard every awful thing they had said about him.

And in case you're wondering, no it wasn't me! 

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