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Time is against Us!

Happy New Month and OMG it's February already!, can you believe it! time really is the thief that robs us all, so it's important that we use our time effectively!.

What I mean by this is that we all, including myself have to stop procrastinating! and do those things which we have been planning to do, because time really does fly by and if you don't take charge of a situation and set an agenda you find that one year morphs into another and so on and so forth, I'm sure yet get my drift.

Your outstanding tasks could range from little things i.e clearing out your cupboards to major life changing aspirations or dreams like going to a far flung destinations like Australia, New Zealand or Thailand, learning a new language or maybe you have a hidden talent or skill that you would like to develop further?

The truth of the matter is that no one can help you fulfil your destiny apart from yourself and the Almighty!

You must have the courage of your convictions! and as we all know "Heaven helps those that help themselves" as long as you do your bit, he will do his! "Your Bit" is to keep on trying to you fulfil your ambition/s and not ALLOW anyone discourage you when your heart tells you that you can succeed!

Listen to your instincts we are given instinct for a REASON!.

Someone special once told me that all anybody really needs to succeed is a little bit of favour from God!
On this note I ask for Outstanding favour daily and wish the same for everyone else, there is enough favour to go round!! Failure Will NEVER be our portion!

There will be times when you feel that the world is against you or that everything is working against you, we all go through times like these, the important thing is not to give up! Forge ahead and you will be happy that you did!

This is the premise by which I live my own life, to NEVER give up on my dreams, aspirations or ambitions!

The Lord is My Strength and Yours TOO!

Have a successful month!


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