Stylish and Versatile Award

I was checking my page ranking on Google yesterday when I came across this nomination for my blog from a fellow blogger I also found that someone had used one of my post and changed the words which I wasn't very happy about. I tried to contact them and also comment about this but there was no contact form and comments were closed. Anyway! this is one of the problems that we face because it is difficult to censor content on the web.

I went back to Mimi's blog and re-read the post and then in typical fashion I googled it, what! I have to research the origins of everything I can't help it, it's just the way I am.

Anyway's suffice to say that it's a blogging tradition, from what I've seen on the net, you thank the person that nominated you, well that goes without saying, it's my first award, I am mentally cleaning it at the moment as it is a prize well treasured! and Mimi I thank you unreservedly!

You then share 7 things about yourself  and nominate 15 other blogs that you like, I think I may struggle with the latter, not that there are  not up to 15 blogs that I like it's just that I can't think of all of 'em now!

But here goes!

I love reading, particularly books that are UnPutDownable, when I was a child I used books as a means of escapism, I still do to this very day! Imagination is a powerful tool! I can still conjure senarios from my favourite books or ones that affected me e.g. The Scent of dried roses a book about a guy who tries severally to take his life to no avail! No matter how hard he tries to kill himself it just doesn't happen!

I adore Nollywood and everything associated with it! I'm a Nollywood Junkie, When I need my hit I must have it!
I have been known to watch films on telly and my laptop simultaneously! who said I can't multi-task!? Someone needs to develop a Nollywood App for phones, if it happens I have the patent on the idea!

I absolutely love music, remember the famous quote by Shakespeare "if music be the food of love, play on" Well that's my motto and I say play it loud! I love most genres of music, I like the way it uplifts your spirit and changes your mood! at the moment I'm loving 9ja pop to the max!

Like most women I just love to shop and I'm not guilty or apologetic about it! who no like betta thing?
It's not even about spending loads of money, sometimes it's just about getting something quirky here or there or discovering places with unique stuff!

It goes without saying that I love my family, they mean everything to me and I mean everything to them!
It's a Win Win situation!

I love dancing, play music let's dance til the cows come home! Excuse me while I turn up the sound!.

Last but by no means least I LOVE my country 9ja and everything 9jalicious.


And the blogs I nominate are

MimiBarber -

Bella Naija - it's true that from little acorns grow mighty oaks!

Novak's Blog


Linda Ikeji

I shall add the remaining 10 to the list in future!

And by the way if you're wondering what my page ranking is google 9javatar. ;- )


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