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Relationship Palava!

Pick and droppers, hit and runners, chewing gum/evostickers!

These are the categories I use to describe relationships, let me just explain that further so that you get the gist!

Pick and droppers as the name implies will pick and drop their partners at will, if you're going out with a pick and dropper your life will be up and down like a yo yo!, you won't know if your coming or going because basically you don't know when the rat will favour you with their presence, also the likelihood is that you will be dropped more times than the proverbial hot potato depending on the rat's mood. It is also important to note that pick and droppers can be women too, this is not about male bashing! They simply use you for their own gratification and when they're tired (that is if you don't get tired first!) they will drop you and go on to find another unsuspecting victim. This cycle can continue for years if you're not strong enough to break the ties!

If your significant other is a pick and dropper!, you know what to do! but don't call my name!.

The next category is hit and runners, again as the name implies they will hit and run!, they take whatever they want from you and they run! don't bother with trying to tie them down with commitment or trying to get your money back that they're owing you!, they're are not interested, such people just want to jump continually from one relationship to another!, their tongue is deceit itself and their surname is liar, their hometown is falsehood! do I need to go on!? If you waste your time chasing a hit and runner in an attempt to get them to commit to you, you are wasting your time and the likelihood is that on your wedding day they won't show up!

I've said my own! if you like listen if you don't, na you sabi!

The last category is chewing gum/evostickers, as we all know chewing gum will stick to you and as for evostick, anything glued with evostick cannot be broken!

Endeavour to find your chewing gum/evosticker who will stick with you til you depart this earth, remember that for both parties to be happily stuck together they must both feel the same way! There's no point trying to stick to someone who doesn't want the sticking! If you try to gum someone that doesn't want it, don't call my name!

I didn't send you!

Once you have found your evosticker that has agreed to the sticking remember to go and do Welding in Church! Anything Welded stays PUT!

Dat's All For Now!


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