Let's talk about Sex!

Yeah, you heard me !

In this case I am talking about the amount of sexual adult content in Nollywood films! and when I refer to Nollywood films in this case it includes Ghanaian films as well.

Everyone knows that I'm a Nollywood addict and what I don't know about the industry ain't worth knowing but bros please let us be cautious of the direction in which our film industry is progressing as it is still in it's infancy and whilst I agree that we do see themes of incest, paedophilia, homosexuality and blatant sexuality/nudity in Western films and don't criticise it, the fact of the matter is that African films are a different genre to western films and it is the culture content and it's unique pedigree that make it soo popular amongst Africans and latterly the global community. In other words let's not be like people who learn the swear words initially of a foreign language! Embrace the good aspects like good cinematography, plot/story lines, acting, continuity, editing etc.

There is a big problem with editing, continuity within films and grammatical content especially with film makers, I say this because there is a distinction between film makers and producers in Nollywood; the film makers just churn out a production without much consideration for the quality of content because all they care about is getting the film to Eweka Rd, yes they are all about the money. The producers on the other hand are people who have really learnt their craft been in Nollywood from the infancy of the industry, academically trained and continue to hone their craft amongst these my favourites are Emem Isong; whose films are pure class, they look good, the plots are always interesting and fluid and the actors are always immensely talented and at the top of their game, Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen aka The Governor his film are remarkably good the last of which I watched was Private Storm which was easily the best film I watched in this genre last year, , Tchidi Chikere who always supports up and coming talent and his films look great, just how you want a Nollywood film to look, Ugezu j. Ugezu any time I see this name in the intro as the director/producer or writer of the screenplay I know that I am guaranteed good viewing and for Ghanaian films Frank Raja his films really do tick all the boxes!

I know the reason why some film makers especially those who have not yet made a name for themselves use outrageous sexual themes is because sex sells and when people see something titillating if you pardon the pun they are likely to take a closer look, advertisers use sex to to sell chocolate for crying out loud it's a proven fact that it is a willing formula but if your film contains highly sexual content and themes which the average church going African feels uncomfortable to watch you are limiting yourself and your audience and if the plot is rubbish trust me they will not bother watching your films again.

I like my Nollywood films like my food, nice to look at, tasty and and moreish!

I want to finish my viewing experience feeling warm and fuzzy and I don' want to feel that if children are around they won't be able to enjoy the film!

Oga producer if you involve adult themes stamp on a certificate explaining the content, think about continuity and grammar there is no such thing a jewelleries or furnitures it is grammatically incorrect and unacceptable diction and remember that people of all races and creed watch these films around the world!

Be aware of the message that you are sending out! it is not all about the money!

I've said my own!


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