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This one's for the Bloggers!

I said that I'll update you on my progress so here goes!

If you read my earlier posts on blogging you'll know that as a blogger you need a platform and the two most popular one's are Blogger and Wordpress. I started with Blogger which is owned by Google but some people favour Wordpress; both hosts are completely free for blogging and also offer you a domain name for your business at a reasonable price which is something you think of doing as your business grows; i.e instead of you domain name hosts as

If you are going it alone like me, you will need to spend a lot of time on the web!

When you come across a site that offers you Good advice make sure you bookmark the page to you laptop or PC in case you need to reference the page again! Another thing you will come across is a lot of pages claiming to offer you free advice on Monetising (making money from your blog!) but be careful with this because a lot of these sites will start …