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ARISE is the global magazine for African content. I found it on a News stand on my way to work last year where I normally pick up black mags, @ the time I was looking for an American magazine called Sister2Sister which I absolutely loved and had been searching for, for a while it has everything a girl needs interesting products, stories, tips etc etc I have long outgrown Cosmo anyways  ARISE caught my eye and was almost put of by the price of a whooping £4.95 but it is true that, "You get what you pay for!" because this mag is Sweet! it was her that I read about the musician Nneka whose album No Longer at Ease , great title! made waves globally albeit HiTV had not showcased her @ the time, even now they don't show her videos it's more of Pass me de shoko!

If you are interested in what is happening in African in terms of popular culture in a beautifully presented package ARISE! that's all you need to do.

Arise Magazine (Fairytale of New York Ari…