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What does X-mas mean to you?

Groom, TexasSo it's upon us!

Unfortunately I find myself in London for Xmas but fortunately it's looking like a Winter Wonderland! but of course as beautiful as everywhere is covered in snow it is VERY VERY COLD, but in life we take the rough with the smooth and of course this gets easier with time!

So it's Xmas and for retailers it's the best time of year because people spend a lot on gifts for their loved ones and Xmas Cheer i.e. that feeling of good will generally makes people happier to depart with their hard earned cash!

But wait a minute!, do we overshop at Xmas? and when you buy for your loved ones how do you determine what to buy?, is it based on their personality? age, how close they are to you or whether they got you something last year, there's soo much psychology that goes with this that soo many people just don't bother! And what do you do when someone buys you a gift and shock horror you didn't get anything for them! This of course is the commercial aspect that comes with the season but of course it is not what Xmas is all about!

For Christians it is about the birth of our saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ who came to save sinners like me! It is very difficult to remember the true meaning of Christmas especially if you live in the West because the Christ is constantly getting forgotten in the equation and the media, in this case I mean television hardly broadcast anything Christian. When I was a kid I remember that on Christmas day they would unfailingly show the film "Jesus Christ of Nazareth" (the original version) to date I still believe that this is what Christ looks like because this was my first image of him and we all know that first impressions are enduring!

In any case these are the things I wish to remember because I'm human and I often get caught up in "the want want society I live in"

I want to remember always that I live by his Grace! I love Xmas because Xmas carols remind me of how much I love him and people are generally more loving towards each other at Xmas!

I want to be kind and compassionate even when and if it's a struggle! (I am not Mother Theresa) and whilst it's easy to be kind and compassionate to your friends and family, some people just drive you nuts!

I have to remember that even though I strive for perfection, I must not ignore the lessons that I learn along the way! Life is a journey and a trip of a thousand miles starts with one step!

I have to be tolerant of other people!

Have a good Xmas, enjoy and be Merry and say a prayer for me and the Less privileged!


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