Home Sweet Home

It's winter Time and the snow has arrived in full force!, Na Wah! if you're a true 9ja like me at this time you should be wondering what it is exactly that you're doing here!

There are many answers to this question and many reasons why we don't or can't go home. Personally I have been lucky enough to be @ home during the run up to Xmas for the last two years and if I had my way I'd be home as often I possible, definitely at this time of year, I mean who wants to freeze their ass off! and this Snow storm is not funny or fun at all, it might look pretty but if you wakka inside am you go hear Nwe! and No you never ever get used to cold weather! it doesn't matter how long you live here! There is no place like home (remember Dorothy said it in the Wizard of Oz!)

I want to be home where the drinks are cold and the food is hot! You know that delicious pepper soup and bush meat! my mouth is watering just thinking about it! I've always said that everything seems to taste better back home, I don't know whether this is purely psychological or if it's because you're in a comfort zone!


For those wishing/longing  to come to the West, what you can do to test your mantle and how well you'll cope with the cold is to climb into the largest freezer in your house and see how long you can last inside (this test is strictly for adults, kids don't try this at home!) this will definitely prepare you for your stay be it brief or prolonged!

As for me, I'm going to escape reality by watching some Nollywood Movies, one good fix will temporarily solve all problems!

If you live in London you can subscribe to Nollywood movies, they are cheap and cheerful at £5.99 p/m albeit they're not on the mark when it comes to the latest releases, otherwise you can follow the links on my blog to sites where you can watch the latest movies for free! My recommendation is Arodrive ***** they always have the latest and very exciting films!

Nollywood Movies 

Bye for Now!


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