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Cannan City !

Kwa Falls, along the Kwa River in Cross River ...This is a picture of the beautiful Akwa Falls. I want to share my love of Calabar with the world and will continue to do so! Calabar Carnival hosts the biggest street party, festival, celebration of arts and culture in Africa and if you have never been I really would encourage you to go. Almost everyone in 9ja knows about Calabar and the delights that it offers during the festive season, in fact the preparations normally begin on the first of the month with the opening of the Christmas village, the word from home is that this year's celebrations prep has already surpassed that of past years if that's the case I wonder what the main event will be like and the decorations in Calabar are to die for!

Personally I feel SICK to my stomach that I am not going to be part of it. I have for many years promoted this event to my foreign friends and defied them not to have a good time if and when they visit. I know for a fact that the lovely Rita Dominic is already there as she said so on Twitter, anyone worth their salt is already there and Calabar which is the centre of tourism in Calabar has an influx of visitors from all over the world in December up til the new year with international super stars performing at Calabar stadium,
the event has hosted top Nigeria musicians, Nolly-wood Actors, Politicians and international artists.

Over the last 4 years international artists like, the late Lucky Dube, Akon, Fat Joe, Joe, young Jeezy,Nelly,Kirk Franklin,and many more have thrilled the large crowd of Nigerians and tourists from outside the country. Our own home grown talented artists grace the platform as well and I'm lucky enough to be able to hear the performances from where I stay when I'm in Calabar!!!!1 ;-]

This idea was conceived by Donald Duke and it has continued to date. I have included a history of how it all started below!

The Calabar Carnival has come a long all started 2004, when the governor of Cross River State,Mr Donald Duke ,had a vision of making his state the hub for tourism and hospitality in Nigeria and in Africa.

The Carnival presents a perfect platform from brand visibility for consumer and market awareness. "According to Osima-Dokubo, the carnival aimed to include more aspects of local heritage and culture and at the same time strengthen the capacity of the locals to participate in an economically beneficial way", . Recently, Cross River States and Calabar has become the pride of Nigeria or Africa as far as tourism, carnivals and hospitality is concerned.

The programmes of the event at the carnival are drafted each year by the committee in charge of tourism and cultural activities and new initiatives are introduced every year. In December 2009, Carnival Committee organized "Carnival Cup 2009", a football competition amongst the five competing carnival bands - Seagull, Passion 4, Masta Blasta, Bayside and Freedom. The Festival which also includes music performance from both local and international artists, the annual Calabar Carnival, Boat regatta, Fashion shows, Christmas Village, traditional dances and the annual Ekpe Festival is a yearly event that bring in thousands of tourists at the time of the year.

Other activities lined up for the year according to their work plan, include the second edition of Essay Writing Competition which will involve both secondary school and tertiary students, and this will commence in a few weeks. These competitions are aimed at resuscitating the reading culture amongst the youths of the State as well as inculcating the carnival culture.
Until we meet in Cannan City!  I'm truly 9ja!


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