Are you Safe?

Today is World Aid's day and it is a time to think about your sexual health!

If you're in a committed relationship the likelihood is that you are aware of your partners sexual health and you're both monogamous which is great! and what we all pray for, however if there is a shadow of doubt somewhere you can always get yourself checked out to make sure you're fine!

On the other hand if you are the kind of person that enjoys the company (for want of a better word) of many others or who hasn't met "The One" please for the love of God and sensibility protect yourself!; if you're a guy put a cap on it and if you're a girl ask him to put a cap on it!

In an age where there are relaxed attitudes towards everything an over abundance of drink or drugs could lead to sex, there have even been cases of date rape which have resulted from drinks being "spiked" when left unattended.. Never leave your drink unattended!. If you're having a good time BE Vigilant and aware of your surroundings and be out with people that you truly trust to look after you in case something happens to you and don't have fun to the extent where you are no longer aware of yourself, we've all seen people who've been half cut after one too many and trust me it's never a pretty picture, you'll be gossip foder for days, also there's always someone out there who's looking to take advantage of such as situation!

In other words you can have a good time without loosing your HEAD, boxers or knickers! And if you do happen to lose your Head, boxers or knickers Protect Yourself!

Another rule of thumb is to think about your Mum!, yes, simply ask yourself, "Would my mum approve of what I'm doing?" if the answer is No, then you know that you've gone TOO FAR!

Keep it Locked! I give it to you straight!


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