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So this is the story so far, I have been totally engrossed in setting up my page and making sure that it looks good, and the answer for any other novices out there who are interested to know is your Blog can be whatever you want it to be. The topics can also be about whatever you like but it is advisable to stick to what you know as it is easier to write about what you know. Whatever the case endeavour to have fun with it otherwise it will be boring very quickly.

Well in this case it is a social experiment just to see how far I can go with this and how much of a challenge it will be!, as well as what new skills I am going to develop out of the process.

In all honesty looking for information can be a chore especially if you want your content to be professional but the good thing is that you can design everything yourself and tailor make your blog to your specifications and there is a lot of information out there from Google and the web in general.

I've been on some forums where people say that they have had to pay for Google Adsense well DON'T !!! Because Adsense is completely free and all you need to do is obtain a Google account and they will provide you with Adsense which allows you to advertise content from Google on your blog and get paid for it. In order to make a lot of money with Adsense you have to have a high volume of traffic (hits/visits) to your blog and you get paid anytime someone clicks on Google Adsense. Sites with high volumes of traffic find this the easiest way of making money.

The rub however is how to get traffic on to your site, well this is where is becomes a bit time consuming, because unless your are a big comglomerate like Google, Yahoo or Bing or any other well known name like Apple or Microsoft you won't have the desired advertising already in place so you will have to do this yourself by establishing your wen presencce; you do this by visiting other Blogs, Social Networking sites e.g Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Myspace, Digg, Linkedin etc, etc (this by the way is currently the most powerful matketing tool!), Online forums, etc etc I think you get the gist.

For more information on starting out with blogger check out and for Worpress they both offer free blog hosting platforms and a considerable amount of support.

Remember to Embrace the Day!!!!

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