Things are coming along albeit slowly there is a lot of information out there about blogging, the problem and now I understand why people sell the packs (internet marketing) is that if you are trying to decipher this stuff by yourself it really does take a lot of time and the ideal situation is to make you blog earn you money with a minimum of effort.

Having said that it is not all about money but it is important to me (I say this because different people have different motivation) and success is measured in different ways. Some people want to share their passion/s with others, provide a service, have some fun or develop their writing skills. I also found out on Novak's blog that you don't particularly have to write to have a successful blog as there are various tricks of the trade, but something to consider is to grow your blog organically, as you would a plant.

Whatever your mojo you do have to get traffic to your site, i.e people visiting and there are various ways of doing this the most basic and time consuming one being visiting social networking sites and forums, personally I am not a spammer.., no that's not something you eat in a red can! but it is just posting a link to your blog without providing valuable contribution to the forum in an attempt to bring people to your site.

Something else which is of great importance is SEO tools, now I'm not one to talk about something I don't fully comprehend the dynamics of but apparently it is a great Internet marketing tool and the more I GET it the more I'll explain about it at a later stage of course.

Something that is simpler to come to terms with is Affiliate Marketing and although I thought the end was nigh when I was declined Adsense there are tons of AM programmes out there and if you're like me who currently doesn't have any money, It's a project in motion remember! look for the one's that allow you to sign up for free, once you have done that they will provide you with marketing tools, choose the ones that are relevant to what your interests are i.e. your targeted public and away you go. I still have a lot of information that I have gleaned in the last 3 days but my other love Nollywood is really suffering. I have not watched a Nollywood movie in 3  days straight and if you know me you'll know that that is just unheard of. Anyways I saw a review of a film called Babylon on movie sprite and I'm off to watch it because my brain needs some respite from the blogosphere.

Take pride in all you do! as my hubby would say.


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