This one's for the Bloggers!

I said that I'll update you on my progress so here goes!

If you read my earlier posts on blogging you'll know that as a blogger you need a platform and the two most popular one's are Blogger and Wordpress. I started with Blogger which is owned by Google but some people favour Wordpress; both hosts are completely free for blogging and also offer you a domain name for your business at a reasonable price which is something you think of doing as your business grows; i.e instead of you domain name hosts as

If you are going it alone like me, you will need to spend a lot of time on the web!

When you come across a site that offers you Good advice make sure you bookmark the page to you laptop or PC in case you need to reference the page again! Another thing you will come across is a lot of pages claiming to offer you free advice on Monetising (making money from your blog!) but be careful with this because a lot of these sites will start off with a first page of speel which eventually pings you on to another page which is selling you a product!

When starting off DO NOT sign up to anything unless is it FREE; because you have no guarantee that the system works and secondly if you are willing to invest time and effort the information you need IS OUT THERE ON THE WEB!; In addition to this you may not at this stage fully comprehend the concept that is being SOLD.

If you want to make money from your blog/site look for Affiliate Marketers, there are tons of them on the web and you need to find one that is relevant to your niche! (what you do and the product/service that you provide) a good one is Linkshare I repeat there are some many affiliates out there that offer a range of products and services for publishers to promote, find the best one for you sign up! Their percentages vary depending on the product/service.

Also remember Adsense by Google is completely free to sign up for, provides content relevant to your site. I was initialy declined, if this happens review your site content and reapply, it is a name that everyone knows and helps with getting more traffic to your site which is very important!

I have loads more but I need to go to the loo, so bye for now! If you find these tips helpful, come back for more!



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