So you wanna run a successful business?

All of us have considered being our own boss @ some stage in life, I have thought about this severally; when I had to deal with unecessary office politics or people who don't have manners in the workplace (we all know someone), with bosses who don't appreciate your efforts etc etc. I could go on but I don't have all day.

Anyway what ever you plan on doing make sure you plan it well! I mean extensively, know everything there is to know about your particular product or service that you are offering and don't forget that in this day and age information is also a product and people need it too! this means that if you have knowledge about something, either learnt or acquired you can bet your bottom dollar/pound/naira that there is someone out there who needs it and will benefit from it and depending on how you market/package it they will be willing to buy it from you. "You know it makes sense!"

Oftentimes people corner a Niche market i.e. something previously undiscovered and make a fortune! but this doesn't happen to everybody! and the beauty with these money grossing ideas is normally their simplicity, for example; the duvet cover without poppers or buttons that you just pull over with a fold in the back, or the wind up radio that you can use in places where there is no electricity hmmm does anywhere come to mind?

Before I forget myself and go on a tangent, if you're thinking of starting something set up your business plan, remember your Supply and Demand from Basic can't sell t-shirts to Eskimos! how much do you want to invest, marketing and promotion, think of your location, also regardless of where you're based you mos def need a website, in fact a lot of businesses are solely web based these days, get a domain name and register your bizz a good place to do this is

And if you're wondering what's my business!, it's writing and information!

Keep it Locked!


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