How much is Enough?

I have often heard people say, "Enough is Enough!" in various contexts, but when it comes to the acquisition of stuff! how much do we have to get/accumulate before we can trully say that we have enough and how easy is it maintain discipline when we live in an age of consumerism where we are obsessed with the latest trends and "must haves" and additionally how do we measure ourselves?, is it by the stuff we have!

To a large degree we are judged by what we have, some people will definitely look down on you if "your stuff!" is not of the moment i.e; your phone, car, clothes etc, but hang on a minute! are we not just enriching organisations that already have more revenue than they know what to do with! And the advent of this thing called swagger! has it not got us messed up, to the point where we're always trying to get our swag on all the time! Do we really need a new phone every year? when the old one still looks fine and is working perfectly!

And actually, what is swagger?, is it about rocking the latest of everything, or being confident in your personal style, even if the only thing you're rocking is your smile! I know what I think!

From an old head I'll say this; when you're young think of the opportunities that will enable your future Shine your Eye! and do not make bad investments; this includes relationships..a bad relationship will waste your valuable time (this is not just pertaining to the opposite sex but the people in your circle, smart people teach you things and rub off on you!), it is a commodity and it needs to be used wisely! buy what you can afford.. this means that you don't have to beg, borrow or steal in order to get it! also means that you have money left over for essential things and no! the latest bag you saw in your favourite shop is not essential it's a want not a need, differentiate between them.. this is a REALLY difficult one and wen all struggle with it constantly! Oftentimes you will convince yourself that a want is a need, the point you're trying and once you start questioning yourself you'll buy less than usual.

In response to my earlier question I'd say enough is when you have a tangible investment that is making dividends for your future generations, when you don't have to worry about a damn thing! or the possibility of being broke in your life. This is a sweet dream for anyone and everyone and this is what we strive for and if you don't have anything to strive for "You need to check your pulse"!

That's all til next time and in the words of Jay Martins "Say No to Your Defeat!"

What do you think, how much do you have to acquire before you say, "I'm done?" and do you define yourself by what you have?


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