Blogging Minefield

As I said previously I would be commenting on my progress so far ....

Well, I was declined Adsense and Affiliate Marketing which apparently is the means by which you generate traffic to your blog, traffic being the number of people that visit and the more people visit the better because if you have a lot of visitors advertisers will be happy to put their products/advertise on your site and Google does this through Adsense which will place adverts which are relevant to the content of your blog/the same applies to websites as well.

Anyway my inital request was declined and now I am researching the prospect of how to get approved, my worry though is that I was initally declined, this is becasue someting on the blog didn't conform to their T&C's yeah that means Terms and Conditions. This makes me wonder .... a blog is not really anything you like is it because to the best of my knowledge my content contained information that is relative to my life and definitely not offensive, also the links to the various sites pertaining to movies, beauty, herbal remedies etc contain information which most of us girls find useful. I will be adding more information pertaining to other aspects of Nigerian interest and of course The Research in Motion continues!!!!


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